Zombotron V1.2.1

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Zombotron V1.2.1


Zombotron v1.2.1 is a game to choose, enjoy! You should check out Zombotron Free Download Game. Play this cool game for free.

To be able to play this Zombotron, you need a good PC to play and install Zombotron.

Game Zombotron v1.2.1 description

Your character has died. You wake up a few hours later with no memory and only your wallet and a collection of fun stuff.

Cannibalism, looting, piracy. Put on your armor and go to the stars!

Enter the Zombotron universe and throw yourself into a whole new fight for survival!

It all started with a little girl’s birthday. An old machine shut down and the little girl named Red is the only one who is left with the job to try to revive it. The little girl does not know that she is trapped in a dark universe with the dark forces, and she has to face an evil entity that she must defeat to revive the little girl’s machine.

Help Red to defeat the evil and get out of the universe to return home to a normal life!

Zombotron is a horror-action-adventure shooter in which you take on the role of a brave, swashbuckling adventurer. You’ll need to break down the door, loot the bodies and cook the brains of your enemies as you fight your way through.

In Zombotron you will experience pure, visceral horror in an unforgiving world of destruction. A fantastical throwback to the old school computer games of the early 1980s, you’ll feel right at home in the fast-paced, frantic world of Zombotron.

Zombotron is filled with interactive puzzles that you need to solve to progress. A twisted little girl trapped in a dark universe. Your life as a Zombotron hunter will be a good one.

If you liked the arcade-style “Safecracker” or the legendary “Alone in the Dark” you’re about to fall in love with the newest game in the series, only on Steam!

Zombotron: Environment of the Dead is a 3D (from the ground up) modern version of the classic game Alone in the Dark. However, the game is not only about scaring the pants off you – there is no horror in sight! Zombot


1 Jan 2020
Zombotron – Trainer +5
Apr 22, 2019
Download Full version free from here. Thank you so much for downloading!!
Jul 3, 2019
Download The Trailer Now. Jan 13, 2020
Zombotron (v1.2.1 – Steam) Download – Free PC Game Installer and Mirror. If you own this game, you can download and play the game in single link for Windows. Download link is direct and no patch is needed.
Zombotron v1.2.1 Cheats.
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