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The XPressUpdate was designed to be a professional standard solution which represents a comfortable and secure update function via internet/LAN. By implementing this tool into their Windows and Linux applications, software developers can extend and increase the value of their software products.
XPressUpdate is based on a client component for Windows and/or Linux, which can be implemented fast and easily in existing or new applications. The user has the possibility to download software updates and extensions either per mouse click or fully automatically.
The optional server module serves to check up on the validity of license data (e.g. user name, password) so that the software is protected against pirate copies.
XPressUpdate is made for software producers / distributors who want to increase the value of their software with the help of an efficient update module and for whom the protection of their intellectual property is a main objective.







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XpressUpdate is an application software tool which transfers all updates of the selected software applications to the local computer or to the server.
The updates can be individually selected or all applications can be updated at one time. There is also the possibility to define the update frequency.
The updates have been scanned for viruses and as a result are guaranteed virus-free.
The application is easy to use. All settings can be adjusted individually.
The updates are available on the website. More information about the updates is available on the website.
XpressUpdate is not an antivirus program and does not detect viruses.
XpressUpdate is not a program to keep files back.
XpressUpdate does not intrude on the system resources.
XpressUpdate does not hijack any systems.
XpressUpdate is distributed as freeware.


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How to convert PHP DateTime to text in MySQL query with a MySQL timestamp column?

I have a simple PHP script that gets the current date and converts it to MySQL date/time.
$date = new DateTime();

$date->format(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’);

$mysql_time = $date->format(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’);

Now I need to insert this data into a MySQL table that has a column named ‘date’. The column ‘date’ has a type of timestamp. When I do a simple query, like this:
insert into mytable (date)
values ( $mysql_time );

I get this error:

Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use
near ‘$time’ at line 1

Here’s the whole query:
insert into mytable (date)
values ( $date );

Does anyone know how to fix this? I basically need to convert the PHP DateTime object to text so that I can insert it into MySQL as a text field.
Any help is appreciated.


I ended up working this out by using a placeholder.
To accomplish what I needed to do, I had to use a placeholder for the date field in my MySQL insert query. I can then insert the PHP date as a

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XPressUpdate Download With Full Crack Corporation (XTC) is the creator of the XPressUpdate tool. Since July 2006 XPressUpdate is also the official distributor of the website In the end of 2009, XTC has been acquired by Netrix Software, a German-based open source developer and support company. Today XPressUpdate is part of the Netrix Software Group.

XPressUpdate as well as the eFinancial umbrella company netrix was taken over by Mambo Solutions Nv.

Please note that until November 2011 XPressUpdate was a one-man business run by Markus Esser


XPressUpdate™ is a tool suite for Windows and Linux that allows you to deploy security updates, shareware and freeware to multiple clients and server computers, and provide on-demand and automatic updating. Its unique design uses a standardized installer, its own update checker, and email notifications for the release of new updates.

XPressUpdate Features:
* Save your valuable time: You don’t need to install it to each client or server. Use our centralized version control repository instead.
* Update multiple computers at once: Updates and new versions can be automatically downloaded to multiple computers from a single location
* Automatic update and deployment: When a new version is released, our update checker will automatically search for the latest available version. Updates will be downloaded to all computers and the update manager will be launched to allow the user to download the update.
* Versions control: If you don’t want other people to use your software just buy a license key for $19.95/year for 25 computers.
* Directly test the update: The software doesn’t show updates until you click to install them. It’ll leave you free to use your system as usual.
* Compatible with 2000, XP and later versions of Windows
* Doesn’t require any special knowledge of language programming
* Compact feature set, easily used by anyone
* Well documented
* Small size

* Install XPressUpdate on Windows:
– Install the software and run it
* Run setup.exe and install the program.
– In the setup wizard, specify the location of the master folder.
– After the installation, run the update manager.

System requirements:
* Windows 2000/XP

XPressUpdate is a software publisher application. The user license is a one time fee of $19.95 for the first 25 computers. If you want to install more than 25 computers you need to buy additional licenses. If you need a trial, please contact us.

Have an update/trial to share?
If you would like to submit your update or trial, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

How XpressUpdate works:
* Users synchronize by click on “Download update” in the update manager.
* The users can choose if they want to download the latest available version

What’s New in the XPressUpdate?

– the XPressUpdate tool provides a fast and easy update function via Internet/LAN for Windows and Linux applications, which is secure and high-quality.
– the client-side of the tool is implementable easily in existing or new applications.
– the server-side of the tool serves to check up on the validity of license data (e.g. user name, password), so that the software is protected against pirate copies.
– the update/download function is especially flexible for using various net/LAN-protocols for updates and downloads (SMB, HTTP, etc.) as well as the option to choose the desired update method (on demand, stored, etc.)
– the tool is able to delete unnecessary license records when a license key is renewed or only used once
– the tool also provides an easy update within the application’s own application menu
– the tool offers a user friendly Windows-style User Interface for ease-of-use
– the tool will not create a system update for Windows and an application update for Linux, but will simply add functionality to existing Windows and Linux applications with the license checking function.
– the tool does not require a runtime license or a runtime of a perpetual license for setting up the license checker.
– the server configuration (IP-address, port, username, password, etc.) can be easily changed

Get a fast and secure update and extension functionality with XPressUpdate

Version 3.5 – added “install_and_update” to XML->file of plugins, which allows the new function to create a link of existing plugins which may then be automatically updated.
Version 3.4 – Changed the publishing of plugins for licensed products
Version 3.3.2 – Adapted the installation of XpressUpdateClient*


Version 3.3 – changed default installation directory
Version 3.2 – re-implemented successful installation (for XPressUpdate)
Version 3.1 – alternative installer
Version 3.0 – added dynamic uninstall
Version 2.1 – support for plug-ins
Version 2.0 – added support for multi-install
Version 1.7 – support for multi-install
Version 1.5 – support for prerequisites
Version 1.4 – support for prerequisites
Version 1.3 – support for installed plugins
Version 1.2 – support for installed plugins
Version 1.1 – support for prerequisites
Version 1.0 –

System Requirements For XPressUpdate:

1) The following systems will work:
– Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
– 512MB RAM minimum (recommended 1GB)
– Graphics card capable of at least 1024 x 768
2) CD-ROM or DVD drive
3) USB Port
4) Ethernet Port
5) An Internet connection
6) Your favorite audio player.
7) Laps
Don’t forget to edit your ~/.xinitrc file to launch your application.
For example:

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