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Xnoter follows a classic and simple recipe to provide the user with the best note-taking experience it can offer. When it comes to taking notes, few applications stand out, and Xnoter could be considered a part of that crowd. This argument is not backed up by complex or out-of-the-ordinary features, but by how slick it looks and how easy it is to get around it.
A note manager with style
The main difference between Xnoter and most post sticky notes tools is its listing aspect. To be more precise, all created notes will be neatly arranged with the main UI. This construction improves notes management and organization, as it lets you decide which notes should be visible or not. Yes, you can still have a screen peppered with notes if that's what you prefer, but as a choice, not a limitation.
Adding notes is a walk in the park. Use the context menu to do so, or the toolbar entry. All notes will need a title, for quick identification within the list, and a body. If you wish to set notes to be always on top or protect their contents with a password, you can do that before and after creating them. Regarding the password, that can be applied and edited from the settings menu and prevents others from viewing your notes.
Improving user experience
Even if we are talking about a simple note manager, there are some customization options one might be interested in. For example, you can change the text's font, style, size, and color. Moreover, you can export, import, and also backup notes.
For those looking to change the white theme with a dark background, the app can provide that, but just in theory, Sadly, the two available themes are showcased but cannot be applied. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed with further updates.
To conclude, Xnoter is a neat sticky note creator that lets you organize your thoughts and ideas. Not only all your notes will be orderly listed, but you can opt to keep them away from prying eyes as well, using the password protection feature.







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• Manage your notes with a unique and stylish look.
• Powerful but easy-to-use.
• Password protected notes to keep your thoughts, ideas and inspirations secret.
• Copy, cut and paste your notes
• Sharing your notes with other people is easy, just paste and send!
• Windows, Mac and Linux support
P.S: Please avoid giving bad ratings to this applications because it really lacks many features that other dedicated note management apps offer.

For those of you who have been holding their collective breaths at this point, the wait is finally over. The age old debate of Symbian vs Android vs Windows Phone has come to an end as Nokia has announced a new Symbian-based Nokia X platform. While it doesn’t provide the flash of some of the other platforms (especially the one from Redmond), this new Symbian-based platform is available free on all of the current S60 devices from Nokia, and will be supported by future S60 devices, as well as future Symbian-based smartphones. So what does this mean for all of us Windows Phone and Android fans? More Symbian apps and games, more Nokia S60 games, and, of course, more money in our pockets.
If you have been keeping track of all of Nokia’s announcements lately, you will be pretty familiar with Nokia X. Nokia X has been an idea that has been brewing for quite some time, and since September of last year, we’ve been able to see Nokia’s work on X every step of the way. In a nutshell, Nokia X is a marketplace of Symbian, Android, and Windows Phone applications. Since the announcement of X a couple of months ago, we’ve seen Nokia acquire the Finnish Symbian company Deep Blue Software, the folks behind Lovability and the various other applications, as well as the companies that make the software on those applications. Now that Nokia is in a position where they can actually make money from this new platform, there’s no stopping this from really taking off.

The Nokia X is Nokia’s answer to Google’s Android. Nokia’s aim with this dual-sided approach is to put their brand and investment into Symbian applications and other products while still giving their customers a cheap alternative to Android.

Why We Like It:

The Nokia X may be a cheap alternative to Android or Windows Phone devices, but it also takes a lot of pride in its affordable options. And since it is mainly a social networking platform for your Symbian phone,


✓ Ability to create notes
✓ Ability to edit notes
✓ Ability to backup notes
✓ Ability to automatically tag notes
✓ Ability to change notes body colour
✓ Ability to change notes font
✓ Ability to change notes text size
✓ Ability to change notes text colour
✓ Ability to add notes in list
✓ Ability to add notes with images
✓ Ability to add notes with countdown
✓ Ability to apply notes lock
✓ Ability to change notes lock password
✓ Ability to play time when notes are on list
✓ Ability to completely remove a note
✓ Ability to add notes to groups
✓ Ability to add notes to folders
✓ Ability to view notes details
✓ Ability to change notes font when notes are added to list
✓ Ability to change notes font when notes are edited
✓ Ability to change notes font when notes are exported
✓ Ability to change notes font when notes are imported
✓ Ability to hide notes from list
✓ Ability to set notes to auto-display when list is created
✓ Ability to set notes to always on top
✓ Ability to hide notes by folder
✓ Ability to set notes per level and path
✓ Ability to set notes export file format
✓ Ability to set notes export file directory
✓ Ability to set notes import file format
✓ Ability to set notes import file directory
✓ Ability to change notes font when notes are exported
✓ Ability to save notes to groups
✓ Ability to save notes to folders
✓ Ability to save notes to desktop
✓ Ability to change notes title
✓ Ability to change notes title size
✓ Ability to change notes title colour
✓ Ability to share notes
✓ Ability to view notes in folder
✓ Ability to view notes in groups
✓ Ability to set password on notes
✓ Ability to change notes colours
✓ Ability to create notes with images
✓ Ability to set notes as favourite
✓ Ability to view notes in list
✓ Ability to show notes on top
✓ Ability to protect notes with password
✓ Ability to view notes details
✓ Ability to change notes font when notes are exported
✓ Ability to change notes font when notes are imported
✓ Ability to change notes font when notes are protected
✓ Ability to change notes font when notes are re-exported


Xnoter Free

If you are always complaining about sticky notes, the problem might be sticky notes themselves. There are things to consider before you start using a sticky notes app. For example, do sticky notes get in the way of your work and life? Do you waste time and effort trying to find that note or do you ever use them to organize ideas and learn more?
Create notes, stick and forget.
Easily create simple sticky notes and edit them from within Xnoter. Manage your notes from your phone, tablet, PC or Mac. No sticky note creator should go without.
Create notes from anywhere
Notes are quick and easy to create, stick them anywhere and control how they appear, move and behave. Sticky notes are easy to find, read, reply, capture, edit, copy and organize.
Organize notes with a clean, intuitive interface
Xnoter provides a simple and clean interface that ensures you are informed and organized. Use notes to quickly capture ideas for more detailed, structured notes.
Perfect sticky notes for both phones and tablets
Enjoy sticky notes on your phone with Xnoter and organize notes on your big screen using the iPad and iPhone versions.
Manage multiple sticky notes simultaneously
Create multiple sticky notes and manage them using your Android phone. Xnoter is also available for the iPad and iPhone.
Xnoter’s greatest feature
Organize sticky notes
Organize notes for quick access and find exactly what you need. Xnoter is easy to use and provides powerful note organization and management controls.
Performance, quick and minimal
Xnoter is the fastest sticky notes application on the market. It provides the perfect balance of lightweight performance and robust features. Simple controls and a clean, intuitive interface keep you organized.
Sticky Notes created, organized and managed quickly and easily.
Powerful sticky notes management built in – quickly find notes, manage them, organize and better organize.
Automatically transform notes into links or add a hyperlink to a note with one touch.
Edit notes including adding media such as a photo, video and a link to a webpage.
Save notes in your Android device or on a WebDAV server.
Automatic and scheduled backups of notes and sync notes across devices.
Synchronize notes automatically between Android devices, iPhones, PCs and Mac.
Xnoter on Google Play
Xnoter on Apple iTunes
Manage notes on Android
Automatic Sync on each phone
Automatic sync of all

What’s New in the?

Free, lightweight sticky note organizer to organize your tasks, ideas, passwords and more. You can also pin, share, archive and hide sticky notes, create notes in a rich text editor, create folders for sticky notes and import or export your sticky notes from your Mac to and from Xnoter.
Xnoter Pros:
* Create free notes in a rich text editor and organize your sticky notes by title, color, font, size, and position.
* Pin, share and archive sticky notes and folders.
* Hide sticky notes and folders by password.
* Using the Color Preview feature, you can see what a note will look like in a specific color.
* Copy, paste and delete sticky notes.
* Import or export sticky notes from your Mac.
* Export your notes as text or HTML files.
* More than 20 high definition and icon skins to choose from.
* In-app payments with PayPal.
* Xnoter now supports handwritten notes.
* In-app help page and support forum.
* Looking for a free sticky note organizer? Try stickyboard, a great sticky note program.
Xnoter Cons:
* No way to have different background themes for the pinned, shared and archived sticky notes.
* In-app purchase with PayPal is an optional feature that I’m not sure of the PayPal transaction process.

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System Requirements:

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2 GB RAM or higher
OpenGL 4.4 and DirectX 11 compatible
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