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This is a simple and user friendly application that enables you to upload and download data from a Garmin GPS receiver in a few simple steps without any hassle.

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Waypoint+ Crack+ Free (Latest)

Uses various data types such as latitude and longitude in both decimal and degrees minutes.

Uses time and date, as well as description, names and the record type.

Up to 2K waypoints can be written per session.

Exports waypoints to SA3 and SA4 formats.

Uses GPS memory card.

Software Name: Waypoint

Version: 3.3

Overall Score:


Features – 9.0

User-friendliness – 9.0

Ease of installation – 7.0

Ease of use – 9.0

Price – 8.0

Customer Support – 9.0


Waypoint+ Serial Key is a simple to use tool especially created to help you transfer data to and from your Garmin GPS receiver in a few simple steps without any hassle.
It’s a lightweight tool that displays a user-friendly interface and provides you with quick access to all its features. To start using the application the communications port has to be chosen from the GPS menu. It then automatically downloads the data it needs from the Garmin GPS receiver.
With Waypoint+ you are able to read and write waypoints, routes, almanac and tracks data in the application’s native format. It uses various data types such as latitude and longitude in both decimal degrees and degrees minutes. It also utilizes time and date, as well as description, names and the record type.
Adding waypoints is an easy task. You simply enter their name, latitude and longitude coordinates and a short description. All the created waypoints can then be viewed in a list and used to create a graphical representation.
Waypoint+ uses Waypoint, TrackPoint, RouteName and RoutePoint as its primary record types. It’s able to export waypoints and route data from SA3 and SA4 formats in a simple manner and then uploads them to you Garmin GPS receiver.
The added waypoints can be easily edited. The same goes for the routes. You can have them displayed graphically which makes it much easier to make any modifications you need. You are also provided with the options to track point labels and point colors, as well as to encode waypoints and route points as mapnotes.
To have the most appropriate visual representation of the waypoints and route points the application enables you to choose from different grid modes, enable or disable objects and even choose


* View the latest waypoints and route points from your GPS receiver.
* Interact with the active route points by moving, zooming and panning.
* Export Waypoints as a KML route file for your Garmin GPS receiver.
* Import Waypoints from your GPS receiver as a KML route file.
* Import/Export Trackpoints
* Import/Export Trackpoints/Waypoints from/to a Garmin XML format.
* Add Waypoints, import routes, show and hide trackpoints, label and track points.
* Export routes as a KML route file for your Garmin GPS receiver.
* Export route points as a KML route file.
* Export Tracks as a KML route file.
* Automatically download the latest KML route file for your Garmin GPS receiver.
* Automatically export all the latest KML route file for your Garmin GPS receiver.
* Automatically update all the latest KML route files for your Garmin GPS receiver.


Supported Device types

Garmin GPS Receivers

Supported Databases

Waypoint+ creates waypoints and trackpoints in two different databases. Each database contains information on different waypoints. You need to decide which database to use. Just because one of the databases doesn’t have the same information as the other doesn’t mean that it won’t work. So if you have two databases that you use, you need to configure each database as the correct one.

SA1 : Waypoints for displaying map notes.

SA2 : Waypoints and trackpoints for displaying map notes.


Routes are the main focus of Waypoint+. Routes can be displayed to create a graphical representation.

SA1 : Graphical Route for displaying map notes.

SA2 : Graphical Route for displaying map notes.


Trackpoints are added to the track so that you can go to any location on a map. The trackpoints are shown as icons on the map.

SA1 : Sailing Trackpoints

SA2 : Sailing Trackpoints


Areas are a feature of Waypoint+. It is used to record a set of areas which will appear as a gray outline when viewed on a map. These areas can be shown together or at different locations on the map. Area types can be specified for areas as well as their appearance.


What’s New In Waypoint ?

Create, edit and manage waypoints, routes and track points in a graphical way.
Graphically view and edit the routes.
Convert route data from Garmin’s proprietary.ASF/NAV format to Graphical (.GPX) and XML (.XT) formats.
Create and use tracks for calculating route lengths and finding the best route for your bike/pedal
Create multiple waypoints on a map.
Create and edit waypoint descriptions, marker notes and points of interest.
Convert a route between proprietary.ASF/NAV format and.GPX format
Waypoint+ Supported devices:
Garmin_v80i, Garmin_v81i, Garmin_v82i, Garmin_v83i, Garmin_v85i, Garmin_v80x, Garmin_v81x, Garmin_v82x, Garmin_v83x, Garmin_v85x, Garmin_v80s, Garmin_v81s, Garmin_v82s, Garmin_v83s, Garmin_v85s
Please note: When downloading the app make sure to unzip the file using an application such as WinRAR
Supported Languages:
If you have any issues or comments about this app, let us know.

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System Requirements For Waypoint :

Xbox One System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.6GHz
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 40 GB available space
Additional Notes:
It is recommended that you run BF4 on the highest graphical setting of Ultra, but the

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