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The Alchemist Book Pdf In Hindi Free Downloadgolkes


The Alchemist is a novel in which a young shepherd begins to follow his dream.n at the end he realizes that his treasure is with him from the very beginning.
22. All my life
All my life these words have been my most important consolation. When I think that I could not be like everyone else, or what I did not become, I feel as if a particle of some higher knowledge has settled in my soul. Sometimes I begin to believe that insight is life itself, and therefore beauty.
/Marcel Proust/
I tried again and again, for several years in a row, and one day I succeeded. I had a suitcase with me that I took from home – it contained books and various tools. I decided to climb the mountains before lunch.
Traveling alone in the mountains is a risky business, but I had to do something to put aside all thoughts of what could happen to me if I had a companion with me. I wanted to go down the coast and go south or even north along the road that leads to Lausanne, and then climb back through the mountains. Passing through the forest, I heard every tree, every bush, and every sound. I heard birds, thought about different people, telling them about myself.
In the afternoon, I decided it was time to take a break and talk to the mountain beasts, who could tell me about things that no man had ever told me about.
I sat down under a tree. Birds sang, squirrels and chipmunks crawled through the branches, flowers tickled my face, and at last I fell asleep.
I was awakened by voices. I closed my ears and took a deep breath. Soon the voices were silent.
Then I cautiously looked out of my hiding place.
The people gathered under the tree were for the most part elderly, and they looked worried and frightened. One of them, a man in a worn jacket, struggled through the trees, struggled up the slope, and disappeared into the darkness. Mountain animals now and then caught my eye, but I never saw a single one that I could confidently call a friend of man.
The man in the jacket came down the mountain.
“Good morning,” he said, and stopped to catch his breath. He looked so exhausted that I wanted to caress him and ask



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