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Spanish – Colors Keygen Full Version 2022

Spanish – Colors Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a simple and lightweight test instrument that helps you learn Spanish and improve your vocabulary.
Spanish – Colors Serial Key is built with the help of the Java programming language and contains reading, listening and matching exercises.

What is new in this release:

This is initial release

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Spanish – Colors Crack Free Download


Spanish – Colors Crack+ Activation Key Free Download For Windows [March-2022]

• Levels:
• Train your vocabulary at your own pace, adding words and improving your score.
• For each level, several exercises are created with different objectives in mind.
• You can select your level, set your pace and you will improve as quickly as you want.
• All the reading passages are created with voice recognition technology, a sound system that allows you to hear them as they are read.
• Spanish – Colors allows you to learn new words and improve your vocabulary, without feeling forced to learn Spanish with the help of the computer, through a system that is simple to understand.
• Spanish – Colors is very useful to learn a foreign language in a short period of time.
• If you want to practice your Spanish, you can learn new words and improve your vocabulary.
• Spanish – Colors will help you to quickly get up to speed on the language, without being forced to deal with memorizing long words.
• Spanish – Colors is based on the Spanish / English dictionary ​​of Microsoft.
• All the tools of the system have been created in English and have been translated to Spanish.
• The application has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so that it will be very pleasant to use it.
• Spanish – Colors is a very simple application that is made for a certain level of comfort.

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Mathias Mangino

Great Learning Tool. Learning Spanish was so easy with this application. The audio is clean and clear. It does a great job of matching the pictures that show the various words and counting in Spanish. The game is user friendly and very easy to understand. My girlfriend loves it too!

Kristy Davis

I can’t express my love for this application! I’ve been using it for awhile now and i always am learning more and more words! It’s so easy to use and I love the word groups and matching items. I highly recommend this app to anyone!

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Main features:

What’s New In Spanish – Colors?

Spanish – Colors is designed as a simple and lightweight test instrument, designed to help you learn new words and improve your vocabulary.

Learning a foreign language may not be an easy task, as the vocabulary itself is large and new words are constantly being added to it. Learning new words is difficult enough, but you may also need to learn the pronunciation of these words.

Spanish – Colors helps you with this by offering reading, listening and matching exercises.

The following sections describe the application:


Spanish – Colors has been designed with the help of the Java programming language. It offers the following features:

Reading exercise

Reading exercises in Spanish – Colors are quite simple. In this exercise, you will be presented with a new word. The idea is to read out this word, then check if it is a word you know or not. This helps you to learn new words.

If you successfully answered, you will be presented with another new word, and so on.

If you are not able to read out a word, you will be shown a score between 0 and 10.

Audio exercise

The following audio exercises help you to get to know new words better. You will be presented with a new word in an audio clip and you will be given a short time to read out this word. After you have done this, the application checks if the word is correct.

If you answered correctly, you will be given another word and a time limit to hear out this word.

If you answered incorrectly, you will be shown a score.


The application has a vocabulary of 2000 words. This vocabulary has been pre-populated with the most frequent words used in a Spanish classroom and a few more words.

This makes it possible to perform exercises on the most important words and helps you to learn new words in a fun way.

The application does not only focus on learning new words, but also on improving your vocabulary. You will be given a vocabulary score, which can be influenced by the score you get on the exercises, where the score depends on the number of words you know. The more you know, the more you will score.

You can also keep a note of all your vocabulary scores in the application.

Matching exercise

The matching exercise is very simple. The application presents you with two words, and you will be given a short time to find the other word. The word that is not found by you will not be scored.

If you did not find the second word, you will be given a correct or wrong answer, depending on whether you found the first word or not.

The matching exercise has four difficulty levels. For each level, the exercise will be more or less easy, making it easier for you to remember the words. If you are able to find the word within three

System Requirements For Spanish – Colors:

OS: Windows XP or Windows 7
Windows XP or Windows 7 CPU: Dual Core 2.8Ghz
Dual Core 2.8Ghz RAM: 2GB
2GB GPU: 1GB VRAM or better (recommended)
1GB VRAM or better (recommended) Storage: 1GB available disk space
Windows XP or Windows 7 CPU: Quad Core 2.8Ghz
Quad Core 2.8Ghz RAM: 4GB

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