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Jyoti collapses when she finds out that the man she married lied to her.
“It’s true anyway,” Jyoti said bitterly. — It was my best decision. At least I wanted to do what I wanted. And he–he ruined himself.
/Jypoti is right, who cares what happened? To whom…/
Giglioti glanced at the door. Her excitement became more and more noticeable.
Could he, could he be mine?
Again, her words surprised her. She thought that her husband should have done it, that his duty was on her.
And how now, to imagine that he can be hers?
“As you say, this is not your husband. This is not your Beam. This is your Bem. Under the contract, you have to deal with it. In what he, at least, is guilty. He was a fool and could not be trusted.
All the tenderness, all the softness, all the fragility of Bohm was gone. Jyoti couldn’t bear the way this man talked about Alighier like that. There was more bitterness in the man’s voice now.
Yet Jyoti saw him again, but felt neither joy nor relief.She only very clearly felt that her whole world once again collapsed and she was left alone again to mourn her lost world.
Jiofuar was right. Bem died in vain.
But the world cannot perish again. She must return to life, there are too many living people in her. She cannot sit quietly here, feeling how Bem, still alive, is dying before her eyes.
She must return, and Bem must return to his world. But first she needs to get to the Master and explain everything to him.



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