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Public Fix Profile is a Microsoft Outlook Addon created to support the delation of duplicate Personal Folders in Outlook. On some other websites you find this duplicate Personal Folders also under names like “Ghost PST files” or “phantom PST files”.
These duplicate entries of identical Personal Folders in Outlook is a result of abandoned entries in the Windows Registry.
Clear Editor – the announcement of the Registry entries which can be deleted were placed in a clear editor.
Backup function for the appropriate range of the Registry. If you should delete wrong entries of the Outlook profile, you can recreate the Registry at any time.
Why do i get Personal Folder entries in Microsoft Outlook?
The reason is often an update of Outlook on a higher version, without to create a new Outlook profile or to delete at first the old Outlook profile. Other reasons could be wrong developed Outlook Addons who create additional registry entries for Outlook folders or a reason could be the import of data in Outlook.









Public Fix Profile Free PC/Windows

Saves and restores the registry entries which are used by Outlook to create the Personal Folders in Microsoft Outlook.

Show the Save-state of Outlook in the Personal Folders to demonstrate the functionality of Personal Folders.

Remove the entries from the registry at the last saved state by an external exe.

Export the personal folder entries at the last saved state.

Save and restore the personal folder entries by the first of the windows update in the registry.

Restore an update of Outlook to a previous registry state.

Backup Registry entries and save state.

Copy the Backup in the regedit and import it.



Save time for you to delete personal folder entries of Outlook manually.

Delete registry entries of Outlook by an external exe.

Save the current state for Personal Folders in Outlook to an external file.

Export the personal folder entries to an external file.

Restore the registry entries with the backup file.



Only Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007 supported.

Support works only with deleted Personal Folders.

Supports only up to 32 entries of Personal Folders

Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007 version 7.02 and newer.

All my add-ons are safe and not a scam. That is why your money is 100% secured. If you find any of the files you have installed is a scam then I will be happy to help you fix it and issue a refund.

This Add-on, developed by IMAGO Labs, is a product developed with the following aim:fix duplicate “personal folders”.Our team of developers and testers are the best guys in the world of add-ons, we do this for love, for fun, not for profit.

More information and installation instructions can be found at my web site:

To keep your money safe, registered mail is used to issue refunds on troubles, bugs and incompatibilities (which I do not do!)

If you have any issue, please send me a PM or e-mail so we can discuss on the problem:

Your feedback is a very important to me! Please, post your feedback to me on the following form.

​Some new features were added after the official release! – Personal Folders are automatically delated if you use more than 32 folders

Public Fix Profile Crack + 2022 [New]

Personal Folders Support
Windows 2000 to Windows 2008
MS Outlook 2000 to 2010
How to get started
1. Unzip the downloaded archive
2. Double click the setup-program
3. Install the Personal Folders Support
4. The Personal Folders Support window will open
5. There are four sections for:
– Personal Folders Support
– Results 1-7 of the item-scan
– Private Folders Support
– Quick scan
6. Click on Run
7. If an error occured, it’s good to compare the Registry with the installer-text

What will Public Fix Profile 2022 Crack mean for me?
If the Personal Folders support requires to import any data of Outlook, the Personal Folders support will create a backup of the Personal Folders folder of the import data. You can create at any time the Backup function for the appropriate range of the Registry.
If you delete a wrong entry, you can recreate the Registry at any time.
If you want to test the function of the Personal Folders support, you can first delete the Personal Folders support, to make sure you can undelete any folders, which can be recovered.
What will be the difference to other similar software?
Public Fix Profile Full Crack differs from the competitors of other software, because it recovers and recreates personal folders from windows 2000 to windows 2008 (Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010). The competitors use from the start time to create/scan the registry. At the end you create a software, which has several limitations and many cases fail at the import of personal folders of data which is in the Registry “gray zone” (for example something like “C:\Inbox”).

How can I restore my personal folders of data?
Personal Folders support recognizes at each time the differences of the Outlook-imports. If you want the Personal Folders Support to scan a range of the data, you have to select the appropriate scan-range at the start of the Personal Folders Support. After the scan, the Personal Folders Support creates a backup of the deleted Personal Folders. By clicking on the “back up” button, you can restore the deleted personal folders at any time. The scanning process for the normal Personal Folders can take up to 6 hours. If you don’t want a backup of the deleted personal folders, you have to click on the “no backup” button.

What does Public Fix Profile mean for your personal privacy?
You can be on the safe

Public Fix Profile Free

To get the Public Fix Profile, download it from the website or from the developer’s page, the correct Windows version must be installed on the computer.
Now the Public Fix Profile can be installed and configured by double click.
Public Fix Profile setup
You can switch between the programs in the Options tab by using the Windows dialog menu.
When the program is running you can select a folder to be scanned by clicking on the Scan button. The scan can be paused in the right upper corner or the scan can be stopped by pressing the Stop button. The results of the scan will be shown on the main page and you can change, export or delete them. The program can also be configured in the Options tab.
Public Fix Profile Features:
Import and export personal data. These are the folders of Outlook that are pointed by the Public Fix Profile, which is stored in the Windows registry and can be deleted by the Public Fix Profile.
Import from other extensions. If Outlook Personal Folders are deleted, Public Fix Profile can import the personal data from other extensions.
Export from Public Fix Profile. It can backup the data of the Public Fix Profile to a file.
Mark other Personal Folders for deletion. The Public Fix Profile can be configured to mark other Personal Folders as targets for deletion.
Delete selected Personal Folders. The Public Fix Profile can be configured to delete the Personal Folders which have been marked.
With Public Fix Profile you can restore the Personal Folders to the Windows registry, which are deleted after deleting a personal folder in Outlook.
Public Fix Profile Developer:
Public Fix Profile was developed by SCOsoft GmbH. The developer of the program is Markus Mussmann, the email support is located in the developer’s profile. The project, which looks like a plugin, supports Win 2000/XP, Win Vista and Win 7.
If you are looking for a tool which detects and deletes private folders, check out the free tool Strict Private Folders.
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What’s New In?

Public Fix Profile is a User-Configurable Microsoft Outlook Add-on based on a replace Outlook profile. The add-on allows to work with Exchange Folders (E-Mail-Folder) in a determined set of Outlook Folders.
It may also be used to find and remove unwanted, unused or duplicate Personal Folders in Outlook.
If you delete the Public Fix Profile from your system and you want to delete the Public Fix Profile, you can only delete the corresponding Public Fix profile. In case of error deletion, a file PublicFixNotify.xml is written into the temp-folder which will provide instructions on where to find the Public Fix Profile and also how to restore the Public Fix Profile.

Step 2:
Find out, which Folders are in which set. This can be done in Outlook by saving a copy of the Profiles(reminder) and searching for a Personal Folder in Outlook.

Step 3:
With this information you can create the appropriate filter in our PublicFix Profile. To see what our filter is doing, it is best to open a copy of the Outlook profile you will use.

Step 4:
Delete the unwanted, unused, or duplicate folders as well as the invisible folders, containing Outlook-Items.

How to Install the Public Fix Profile in Outlook:
To install the Public Fix profile in Outlook, you have to copy the complete contents of the ZIP-Files into the temp folder of your Microsoft Outlook folder.
Furthermore you have to perform the following step by step process.

Step 1:
Open the Microsoft Outlook Installer

Step 2:
First you have to delete the PublicFixXML.xml or PublicFixXML.txt from your temp folder. Otherwise your PublicFixProfile will not work.

Step 3:
Press next and follow the prompts of the Outlook Installer.

Step 4:
Leave the default choice for installation and press ok.

Step 5:
You can start the PublicFix Profile Setup Tool and follow the steps of the Installation wizard.
Note that you must move the xml file out of the temporary folder after setup is complete.

I have an error after the installation with the PublicFix Profile. My problem is that I have no Outlook folders and no Personal Folders and the PublicFixProfile did not do anything?

The error occurs at the setup of the PublicFix Profile. We found that the error message could be different for many users

System Requirements For Public Fix Profile:

Windows XP or greater (WIndows Vista or greater recommended)
3GB RAM or more
32-bit or 64-bit processor
50 MB free hard disk space
DirectX 9.0 or higher
Here are the full game details:
NVIDIA® Virtual Supercomputing
NVIDIA® nVidia® PhysX®

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