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PSU Designer II 2.0.1 Crack+ Product Key Free Download

Conduct a maximum of 1 PSU simulation for each frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz.
Save the final result to HTML or EPS format for printing.
Change the size of the rectifier in micro-ohms for faster simulation.
The simulation results can be viewed in real time on the right side of the screen.
Detect and display critical points for more accuracy in the final results.
Detect and display voltage compliance of your design.
Allow simulation of post-filtered power supplies.
Adjust the transformer to help you achieve more accuracy in the final results.
Generate XYX graph of all components.
Generate current flow graph.
Apply simulation with a soft start for better results.
Print results in the application directly from there.
Model 2 IEC wires for the output of the rectifier.
Conduct several simulation rounds with several options as a result.
Adjust the soft start period and the power factor for faster simulation.
Configure the simulation in dual axis.
Configure the diodes in the middle or directly at the output.
Configure the resistor and capacitor.
Configure the initial value of the transistor.
Detect and display voltage compliance, short circuit and open circuit.
Add safety pin to the simulations.
Setup voltage of the transformer in micro-ohms.
Setup voltage of the diodes in micro-ohms.
Setup voltage of the output rectifier in micro-ohms.
Add external transformers.
Launch simulations that would go until the end of the monitoring time of the circuit.
Save the final results to HTML, EPS or PDF.
Change accuracy on the fly for better results.
Enable or disable auto simulation for every hour, day or month.
Optimized for Mac OS X.
Programming language: C++
License: GNU GPL V3.0
Approximate size: 9 MB

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PSU Designer II 2.0.1 PC/Windows

PSU Designer II Download With Full Crack is a nice software solution for simulating power supplies and making all sort of calculations. It’s packed with all sort of neat features and tools that you can check out, together with plenty of options.
Easy-to-use interface with lots of tools at hand
The application doesn’t take long to install and but it does come with some initial settings that you would need to make, before you can actually simulate power supplies.
The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to complete the setup that would guide you through simulating your first power supply. You’ll need to pick the normal mains frequency, choose between 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz.
Simulate power supplies
Next, you need to decide how accurate you want the results. If you have a slow machine, you may not want to choose high accuracy. Higher accuracies generally take more, although this setting can be changed at any time.
It will display a circuit at the top of the screen, with some options that you can adjust. You can change the values for transistor, the capacitor and the rectifier. It also comes with some options for the transformer, change values and source resistance.
More options and tools
You can have the software solution simulate the power supply for a certain amount of time. There’s the option to launch the simulation after a reporting delay of several minutes. There’s the option to adjust accuracy, allow warnings or enable the auto-simulate graphs.
Enable dual axis and change dual frequency. The rectifier leak can be changed and you can enable a soft start in the simulation process. When you’re done with the simulation process, you can print results easily from inside the application.
All in all, PSU Designer II is a very nice application for simulating power supplies and making all sort of changes and adjustments. Read more…

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The ultimate dedicated PSU simulator + easy-to-use interface


The ultimate dedicated PSU simulator + easy-to-use interface

Posted by Cpt. C. Vause on 11th Feb 2020

The main advantage of this software is that you get to control each parameter of a power supply including the input and output voltage with a single click. It’s also extremely easy to use and you can easily design power supplies in minutes. This is definitely a software that every power supply hobbyist should own. But, at the same time, it’s not as easy to

PSU Designer II 2.0.1 Crack + With Keygen

Power Supply Designer II makes the whole
power supply design and simulation process easier
and more accurate for professionals. With its
superior circuit simulation and simulation
capabilities, easy-to-use interface, intuitive
response, and extensive documentation and
support available at your fingertips, Power
Supply Designer II simplifies and speeds up
your work while reducing the risk of design

PSU Designer II is the most superior power supply simulation software to date. Utilizing excellent circuit simulation technology, Power Supply Designer II lets you test your designs and design parameters for accuracy in seconds.

What is New in PSU Designer II 3.2:

Added support for the Thermocake 4mm and 5mm heatsinks

Added note “Would You Like to Save Time?
” during the Power Supply Designer II Setup Wizard

Fixed a bug where the Units Tab did not update with the new Simulator
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What’s New in the PSU Designer II?

Simulate power supplies and make all sort of changes on it.
Free trial available.
Printing of results and saving of figures.
A nice application to simulate power supplies and making all sort of changes on it.Q:

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