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BASiT’s been on the Amiga scene for years. Now it’s available on a multitude of OS platforms. Sniffing traffic in real time, using a GUI. Sniffing is a two-way process; you can listen in on the traffic you want, or you can send traffic to the computer you’re sniffing.
Using a TCP/IP stack as a network driver, BASiT is written in C and contains all the typical Windows file I/O libraries.
BASiT requires Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.
– UPnP support
– port forwarding support
– link aggregation support
Sniff in real time – recording and playback as needed.
BASiT is ready to record as soon as you start the sniffer. You can record traffic from several adapters at the same time.
You can choose to listen in or send data – BASiT provides comprehensive options for link management, port forwarding and switch/hub aggregation.
BASiT has a history panel with details about the packet captured in the trace. It is possible to replay traces just as they were captured.
It’s possible to sort and filter traces.
BASiT is completely transparent to the OS, so you can monitor an ongoing system process.
Trace capturing
The packets captured are stored in a trace file.
BASiT is also capable of capturing the packets directly to a PCF file.
Trace replay
Any trace captured can be replayed by just clicking the replay button.
BASiT can filter out any trace by a particular port, by a particular MAC address or by a particular protocol.
The history panel displays the filters.
Port Forwarding
BASiT can listen on different ports for different protocols, such as TCP, UDP, ICMP and so on.
It is possible to forward traffic to another port.
MAC Filter
You can send traffic to a particular IP and MAC address.
Link Aggregation
BASiT can watch several adapters simultaneously.
Displaying the Interfaces
In the Interfaces tab, you can see which adapters you’re using and their status.
Parsing the Traffic
BASiT parses the headers for both TCP and UDP to get useful information such as

Orion [Latest-2022]

The application allows you to edit XML files, including e-commerce catalogs, product data and other documents. It also allows you to import and export files into/from different formats. Among other features:
– Import from and Export to XML, ASCII, RTF, HTML, CSV, PST and…

Enumerate Internet Connections Description:
A program to display a list of all currently active Internet connections. It shows all IP addresses in all active sockets, DNS servers and their most current addresses, current time, date and timezone. Additionally, the system’s OS can be identified, and the number of files and processes currently running.

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Free Up Shopkeeper Description:
Shopkeeper is a free inventory tracking and order management tool, suitable for a multitude of business models. It allows you to: • track and manage stock • create invoices • take inventory • create purchase orders • control access to documents • get reports • generate reports • import and export data. A very user friendly and simple tool.

SEO-Monitor Description:
SEO-Monitor is a tool for all SEO specialists.
It is designed for controlling search engine ranking and visibility. It is the best way for tracking and monitoring of most searched keywords in google for local and global market. The new version of SEO-Monitor includes a new option for the searching of the keywords from all countries.

Mettadata Description:
Mettadata is a plug-in for Microsoft Windows. It provides information about all data files on the system.
It also provides information about the currently selected file. This information includes the creation date, the last modified date, the type of the file, a description of the file (file contents, file name), file size, file name, path, size of the path, size of the file and extension, file attributes, file permissions, folder, path to the folder, file type, file contents, file last access date, folder and file owner and group, last access time, file creation date, file last modification date and file and folder date modified, time zone and country, date of the creation of the folder, date of the last access of the file, date of the last modification of the file, date of the last synchronization of the folder, file time stamp, date and time of the last synchronization of the folder, date and time stamp, size of the file, date of the last backup and date and time of the backup.

Orion Crack + Product Key

A compact and user-friendly portable utility designed to encrypt files, folders and entire volumes using passwords or other files as keys.
A lot of options and security levels can be assigned to file and folder encryption. The application is also capable of protecting files with a wide variety of cyber keys and digital certificates.
Overview of encryption tools for PC.
Select from over 1 dozen powerful and secure file encryption tools to help protect your privacy and identity.
Browse by type of encryption, features and price to find the right utility for your needs.
Windows – Mac – Linux – Android – iPhone

Program features:

File, folder, volume encryption.
Easily configure various encryption settings including type of encryption, encryption level, required cyber keys and security certificates, as well as allow the program to generate them automatically.
Synchronize encrypted files and folders by transferring them to removable drives and storage units.
Decrypt files using any specified cyber key or digital certificate in its own format.
Include files, folders and volumes in the decryption process.

What’s new in this version:

Added protection from easily accessed and copied files and folders.
Added an option to encrypt and store a password on the SD card.
Added a new configuration option to encrypt with any file, folder or volume as a cyber key.
Fixed some minor bugs.

Advanced Cleaner is a security program that can help you delete or fix bad registry entries, remove spyware and malware, protect your PC against frequent hacker attacks, and much more. The program will remove all those nasty files that wreak havoc on the operating system, slow down your computer, and even cause system crashes.

The program comes with a lot of the most useful security features, such as a built-in spyware remover, registry cleaner, file shredder, and more. The advanced removal tools include features that will make the process as quick as possible, and any bad and/or invalid entries in the registry will be immediately deleted. The program also comes with a scheduler, which will let you define the times of day you wish to run the program and help you clean it automatically when you’re away from your computer.

Not all of the features of the Advanced Cleaner are listed below. Please visit the program’s official web page to learn more about the program and its key features.

What’s new in this version:

Added a new option to show the list of updates available.
Improved Clean

What’s New In?

When creating music, the most important thing is to be able to play it back, so you need to record your music. The problem is that this process is costly, time-consuming and impractical.
However, since the modern computer is powerful enough, a group of people came up with an idea that would make the process of recording music easier.
Nowadays you can use applications that can record audio files without the need of a specialist and a sound card. However, these programs are not always able to produce good quality audio, so people also looked for a program that could record music with professional quality, even if it was done through a laptop.
With Orion, you can download a free demo version, but you will be able to check if it can do what you want, since it is not a program intended to be used as a professional tool.
If the demo version doesn’t suit your needs, you will need to purchase the full version of the program.
Orion Price:
This software can be purchased for $ 39.95, however, if you buy it from the Orion website, you will get some additional bonuses, such as the ” orion plug-in” that can be used with other software.
The demo version of this software is free, however, you will not be able to save the projects to the computer.
A free version of this software can be used for 30 days, after which you need to purchase the paid version.
Orion Requirements:
If you want to create or record music with this program, you will need to have a computer running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
However, you can install the software on a Mac computer, but the processing speed will be lower than on Windows-based computers.
You will also need a microphone connected to the computer and a sound card that supports wave editing.
It is also worth noting that this software doesn’t work on Macs with Intel i3 CPUs or lower.
The demo version of this program can only be used for 30 days, after which you need to purchase the paid version.
Orion Functionality:
In the demo version of the program you will be able to record one song, but it will be limited to a maximum of two minutes.
Also, you will be able to save the file in MP3 or WAV format, but the quality of the audio will be lower than with professional programs.
If you want to purchase this program, you will be able to download the files for free, and save the files in WAV, MP3, AIF, AIFF, FLAC or ALAC formats.
The song’s tempo can be changed through the sliders or the number of beats per minute (BPM), and you can manage the pitch, as well as the samples used.
You can add various samples to the song

System Requirements:

*Windows 8.1 64bit, Windows 8 64bit

* Intel Core i3, i5 or better
* 2GB RAM or more
* 500MB free hard disk space
* DVD or Blu-ray drive
* Windows 7+
* 50MB free hard disk space
* Windows 7

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