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Some test scenarios require proof, which is in most cases represented by a screenshot. One can simply be obtained through the corresponding keyboard button, but doing so with a lot of pictures becomes a time-consuming task. Luckily, there are various specialized applications like MyPrintScreen which enhance the way you grab, and distribute screenshots.
Multiple trigger methods to use
Once launched, the application enables the core trigger method in its two visual ways. One of them is a cool desktop gadget, which binds itself to one of the screen edges, and can be freely moved to a new location. When clicked, it triggers a screenshot. Interacting with the associated tray icon is the second way to grab a picture of your screen.
The keyboard button is also tweaked, so that the picture is not automatically sent to clipboard, like the default function, and instead triggers the core functions here. Regardless of the trigger option, the entire screen gets covered with a transparent veil, letting you select a custom region to save as picture. The selection box can be moved, and resized before deciding upon export options.
Saving, and online sharing options
We can say that there’s quite the variety of methods to save, or distribute grabbed screenshots. On the one hand, there’s the common method to save locally under formats like PNG, BMP, or JPG, or send the image to clipboard to process in a different applications, because there are no editing options here.
On the other hand, an active Internet connection can be put to good use. In other words, sharing is possible via popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, while the application’s dedicated sharing options uploads it to a special server, with the target link automatically copied to clipboard, making it ready for distribution.
To end with
In conclusion, MyPrintScreen is a powerful enhancement to the default Print Screen function, both in terms of capture method, as well as distribution options. Although you cannot pick a different capture method besides custom region, and there’s no built-in autosave feature, the application is sure to make grabbing, and sharing of screenshots an easier task.


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MyPrintScreen Free [Win/Mac]

Get the power of PrintScreen, but for your own good…
Visual Studio 2012
Processor: 2.4 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
OS: Win 7 / Win 8
Visual Studio 2012
Processor: 3.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
OS: Win 7 / Win 8
Windows 8 should only be used if the advertised performance is sufficient (i.e., 3GHz processor and >=1GB RAM).


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When used in conjunction with the relevant keyboard shortcut, a macro recording of a shortcut’s keystroke can be triggered to quickly record a series of commands. The keystroke is recorded as a single string which can then be edited. Once edited, the macro can be set to be executed as a new shortcut.
How to use:
To use a keyboard shortcut to record a macro, highlight the keyboard shortcut that you wish to use to trigger a macro. Next, press the ALT key and enter the keystroke you wish to record. The keyboard shortcut will then start recording a series of keystrokes that make up your new shortcut. When you have recorded all the keystrokes you wish to use, press the ALT key again and exit the macro recording. Once the macro has been recorded, highlight it and press the ALT key to exit the macro recording. To edit the recorded macro, highlight the macro and press CTRL+SHIFT+E to open the keyboard editing tool.
If you wish to record a macro that includes the keystroke:
The macro will include the keystroke:
To remove the macro:
It is then possible to re-record the macro using a different key combination. To do so, highlight the keyboard shortcut that you wish to use to trigger the new macro. Next, press the ALT key and enter the keystroke you wish to record. The keyboard shortcut will then start recording a series of keystrokes that make up your new shortcut. When you have recorded all the keystrokes you wish to use, press the ALT key again and exit the macro recording. Once the macro has been recorded, highlight it and press the ALT key to exit the macro recording. To edit the recorded macro, highlight the macro and press CTRL+SHIFT+E to open the keyboard editing tool.
System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
About Winkey:
WINKEY is a free keyboard mapping program that lets you set keyboard shortcuts, activate app specific functions, and more. Winkey works with any keyboard, and any application. It works right out of the box, and will be auto-installed after download.
Keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and functions are created from a specific keyboard shortcut. This can be applied to any window or any application.
Winkey can be used with any keyboard as it works right out of the box. It can be used with any

MyPrintScreen Full Version X64

• Drag & Drop Screen Shot Grabber
• Desktop Gadget for Free Screen Capture
• Desktop Interaction for Print Screen
• Sharing to Social Network

This video is a 15 minute tutorial showing you how to create and animate a logo in After Effects using a combination of CC3D, sRGB, and UI8. You will learn how to:
-Open a 3D model using the CC3D plug-in.
-Import the 3D model into After Effects.
-Modify the model to enhance it’s appearance.
-Apply animation to the model using the UI8 plug-in.
-Apply a CC3D shader to the model.
-Export the model as a.stl file that can be opened in 3D Studio Max for later animation.
For more tutorials visit

published:24 Nov 2011


published:01 Jan 2018


Build a Free GreenScreen for your Next VideoProject

If you can’t use a green screen or green screen effects to build your own video, then you might want to consider using the blue screen instead. This is because it’s really hard to build better green screens or green screen effects, especially when come comes to the viewing angles. The Blue Screen is cheaper than a green screen in general but if you can turn the screen into a full-on galaxy-like monster, you can use blue screens in a way that is much more effective than green screens.
When you use a blue screen to build a video, you have to use things like a blue table, blue room, blue camera and even the floor under the actors. The best part of this is, you can do this for a lot less than green screen services. We often use blue screens in our videos, but often, just the lack of practicality prevents us. The fact is, there is no blue that is really opaque enough and really deep enough. Have you checked out Halide’s website? They are kind of the “FFF” of the Blue Screen industry.
The cost for a one minute intro video on a blue screen is $60 to $250.
In my opinion, the price of a great blue screen is worth the money, because you can use this for so many videos. If you’ve seen my

What’s New in the?

Specialize in the all-in-one photo manager, and photo editor. Catch & Share Snapshot, take picture or record video, edit the photos, apply filters and change your life style.

To many people, the subject of photo and image editing is as fascinating as chemistry. It is not a coincidence that image editing is the most popular topic on social networks, or that online forums for photographers are filled with passionate debates on various topics, including the one about photo editing software. However, despite the many programs on the market, and the fact that many of them are excellent, their competitors are also diverse. Most of them share one thing in common – a steep learning curve. At the same time, photo and image editing is a very large and complex subject, so learning how to use image editing software requires a serious investment of time and effort.

In fact, it is difficult to even call it a software. The art of photo and image editing is much more than that. It is about changing our lifestyle, and changing our memories. The process of learning how to use photo editing software is complex and fascinating. It has a huge influence on the appearance of your photos and images, and on your whole photographic experience. If you want to learn to use photo editing software, make sure to invest some of your time and effort in learning to do it. There is no substitute for your own self-discipline and willpower, but luckily there are many tips, tricks and suggestions that you can use to ease the learning process.

We have compiled a list of 12 tips, tricks and suggestions that will be of great use to you when learning how to use photo editing software. Some of them might seem simple, but they are really powerful. With these tricks, your workflow and productivity will increase and you will be able to produce better and more consistent results faster.

1. Work in the RAW format

The RAW format is a digital format, which does not directly represent the image’s appearance in real life. It is the lossless, and the highest quality format for your camera. The RAW format is also a lossless format, which means that the original image data is not compressed, and does not lose any quality.

2. Work in the high resolution

Working with low resolution pictures is a time-consuming and a waste of resources. When working with low resolution photos, you have to re-size them, edit them, and re-export them. This process can be slow and tedious.

By working with high resolution photos, you can get the exact results you need, and be sure that you will have all the necessary tools to work with them. Having high resolution photos is also an excellent starting point for high-end photo editing software.

3. Work in full screen mode

Working in full screen mode has several advantages, including the fact that it is easier to perform operations,

System Requirements:

Canon Full Frame DSLR Camera
Camera Lenses
Minimum Screen Resolutions (for the Live View image that is displayed on the monitor):
1.2 megapixels with minimum LCD size of 4 inches
If you want to view the Live View image on your HDTV, you will need a minimum screen resolution of 1.3 megapixels and display with a resolution of at least 1080p, 720p, or 480p. To view a higher resolution, you can use a 4K HDMI monitor connected to the camera.

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