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Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader Crack Full Product Key Download (2022)

Downloads Google Earth images and combines them to BMP format.
Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader has a main window that includes the following features:
– a navigational menu containing options for settings, settings, satellite images, and others
– a set of tool bars (bottom) that include the following options: Start, Edit, View, Download and Exit
– Status bar (top) that includes a log window that is constantly updated with information concerning the application’s current state
Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader is a useful utility that can make your life easier by allowing you to quickly download satellite pictures from Google Earth.
You can combine downloaded images to a certain size in order to upload them to a Microsoft Virtual Earth account and receive a customized search result.
The downloaded pictures can be viewed in full screen mode or saved to a specified folder. In case there is only one image to be downloaded, a zip file may be automatically saved to the same folder where the software is installed.
Downloads images on predefined coordinates (latitude and longitude). A satellite image is downloaded for a given longitude and latitude and the zoom level can be changed to a specific value.
The tool includes a set of utilities that may be helpful to the user, including a log window that allows you to monitor the process.

Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader is a software application that facilitates quick downloads of satellite images from Microsoft Virtual Earth, based on user-defined coordinates. It is very simple to work with.
Simple installation and configuration procedure
The program installs quickly and without any issues. It has a traditional interface made from a regular window, where you can get started by specifying the project name and directory (MVSD format).
So, all you have to do is establish the left and right longitude, top and bottom latitude, along with the zoom level, threads count and output folder, in order to proceed with the downloading job.
Provides you with a set of helpful utilities
While the operation is in process, you can view log details on the bottom part of the screen. In addition to this, it is possible to convert degrees, minutes and seconds to degrees, view satellite images in a separate panel (with or without full screen mode), download a single image, as well as combine multiple satellite pictures to BMP format.
As far as program settings are concerned, you can set a default saving path, zoom level and threads count, enable sleep mode after a user-defined time interval (in seconds),

Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader Crack+ Free License Key [2022-Latest]

Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader Crack Free Download is a free and easy-to-use application developed by Ideal Software, that lets you obtain satellite images from Microsoft Virtual Earth quickly.
Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader allows you to download satellite images for more than 5000 locations, which are grouped into categories. You can get the satellite images by using a small custom selection, for example, the solar lights, man-made lights, traffic lights, and so on. You can specify the longitude, latitude, altitude and, if needed, the zoom level.
When viewing the satellite images, you can choose between two types of views: a full-screen mode and a satellite image panel.
Some options you have at your disposal include:
– Save images for offline use
– Set a default Save directory for new downloads
– View the download log
– Start the software in the background so that you do not have to wait for it to start up
– Set a pre-defined time interval for the software to sleep
– Always stay connected to the Internet.
You can even combine multiple satellite images to obtain a single image.
Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader License:
You can download Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader for free from

Paid download of the trial version does not require registration or purchase of a key to continue to use, however, a commercial license is required to make the trial version more suitable for business purposes.

There are no complicated settings, the process is very simple. Simply specify the location, select the satellite map to be downloaded and start the download. A log with the details of the process will appear at the bottom of the screen.

The timer specified can be set from one second to one year. The duration of the downloadexecute process is based on a defined time frame and the download speed.
You can set a download file name, the downloading directory, and so on.

A key to the web site is essential, it lets you download the map with at least a weekly frequency.
A website in your language gives you the opportunity to have a look at a wonderful map, it lets you choose the type of satellite images, the location, the zoom level and the available display modes.
What can you do with it?

Download satellite pictures
Download satellite pictures and have them in your collection for further use. It is not only fun, it is also useful for many purposes.
It is possible to use the pictures

Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader Free

Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader is a freeware that allows you to download satellite images based on the coordinates specified by users. The program is designed for use with MSN Virtual Earth. You need to place the file in the location that you have decided. Simply open the program and set the coordinates. There is no need for user registration. This application is free and simple to use.
This software has a user-friendly interface. It has been designed to look neat and, at the same time, has been easy to operate. It is divided into two main parts, as you have many options to choose from. This software has a really simple setup process. Now is all you have to do is specify the coordinates, click on the Download option and you are good to go.
The application is ideal for users looking for an easy-to-use satellite image downloading tool.
Features of Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader:

A process that is simple to use.

Offers you a user friendly interface.

The program has been very easy to install.

The application has a good response time.

You can specify your desired satellite image with different zoom levels.

The application can download satellite images on any computer you have.

The application downloads a satellite image in seconds.

The application is easy to use by experts and beginners.

You can download a satellite image at your convenience.

Downloads a satellite image quickly and easily.

The software downloads a satellite image on your computer.

The download process is easy to find and use.

Provides you with a set of useful utilities.

Downloads a satellite image that is stored in text files.

Downloads a satellite image in seconds.

Downloads satellite images based on the projected coordinates.

Fits any computer.

Provides a user friendly interface.

Specifies the coordinates with different zoom levels.

Provides you with satellite images.

Downloads satellite images at your convenience.

Uses a low quantity of system resources.

Downloads a satellite image in a separate window.

Downloads a satellite image with full screen.

Downloads a satellite image without scaling.

Downloads a satellite image in your specified directory.

Downloads a satellite image as a blank image.

A system utility application that is easy to use.

The software has a user friendly interface.

What’s New in the?

Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader is a simple to use, easy to learn tool for downloading satellite images. You can:
– Download single satellite images;
– Specify output folder;
– Alter output image dimensions;
– Download images from any area by specifying coordinates;
– Define output size;
– Change zoom level;
– Set the amount of threads;
– Use a proxy;
– Add logging to the progress bar.
Download images using this software and you will see:
– The progress bar increasing in size;
– A satellite image on the selected area;
– A preview of the image below the progress bar;
– Log details to the desktop.
Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader Key Features:
1. You can specify download coordinates in any direction, in different angles and zoom levels.
2. View all images at once or download them separately.
3. You can select the output folder for the downloaded images.
4. View detailed log for the downloaded job.
5. Perform a single image download.
6. Use a proxy.
7. Define images dimensions.
8. Set the amount of threads and download progress bar.
9. Use sleep mode after download time.
10. Save all settings into a profile.
11. Send output images as EML.
12. Define output image size.
13. Export images in various formats and send them by e-mail.
Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader Screenshots:
Home page:
Log details:
Specify output folder:
Download images:
Setting the output folder:
View log details:
Specify output format:
Alter output image size:
Using a proxy:
Download single image:
Specify download progress bar:
Using sleep mode after download time:
Specify download threads count:
Export images to EML format:
Create a saved profile:
Download images settings:
Download satellite images:
Specify the image radius:
Download images:
Specify zoom level:
Perform single image download:

World Image Downloader
World Image Downloader is an Internet downloading tool that provides you a simple way to download images directly from the internet. You can download any images from internet and save them to your computer.
A simple way to download images directly from the internet
You can download any images from internet and save them to your computer. All

System Requirements For Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader:

At the time of this writing, we’ve seen thousands of players experiencing problems as a result of the recent Patch 1.1.0. While this does not count those who are working on a ticket, we believe it’s possible to obtain access to a closed-beta release prior to the official release, which we have named beta 2.0.0.
The release date is Sunday, September 7, 2018, at around 2:00 PM PST. If you are unable to download and install the patch by the end of that time, we will not be able to assist

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