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Mass photo uploader for the Flickr API
Mass Photo Uploader is a software utility designed for uploading photos to Flickr in batch mode. Built in Java, it can run on all the major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The application uses the Flickr API to connect to your account and upload photos. To use Flickr Mass Uploader, you first need to connect it to your Flickr account by providing an API key and a shared secret key. These keys are automatically generated by Flickr. To get your own keys, login to your account and navigate to the page.

Once you filled in the mandatory keys, you have to select the directory where the photos you want to backup are stored. Pressing the ‘Save’ button at this point will make the application remember your settings.

With the simple sync option, all photos in the selected directory are uploaded to the ‘Camera Roll’ section of your Flickr account.

The full sync option works pretty much the same as the simple ones, the only difference being that photosets that are no longer found on the local PC are deleted from Flickr as well.

• Automatically uploads photos from a local folder to your Flickr account
• Supports synchronizations between local and Flickr
• Supports Flickr-only sync (i.e. no uploads to your own photosets)
• Can back up photos and upload sets at the same time
• Automatically backs up photos on a regular basis (selected with a configuration file)
• Supports multiple configuration files
• Supports uploading of HD photos
• Supports deleting of photos from Flickr (optionally)
• Supports non-photo files uploads
• Supports link/geotag to Flickr photos
• Supports image batch renaming (optional)
• Supports password encryption
• Supports images compression (optional)

Flickr Mass Uploader is a Java application, so it will run on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The application also runs on mobile devices.

You can download a version with the Sun/Oracle Java Runtime Environment 7 or a later release.

The application can be run in safe mode (e.g. no passwords or keys), which limits the risks of data loss due to unexpected application crashes.

Disclaimer: this tool has not been tested by the author.

How to use:

Click on the Run button and wait a bit.
If you don’t get any messages, then run the application

Flickr Mass Uploader Crack Download

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Flickr Mass Uploader License Keygen Free X64

The plug-in for uploading photos to the world’s largest photo-sharing website, Flickr. You can backup photos into your Flickr account in batch mode. All photos, including the ones you have uploaded to your PC, are included. It can upload photos to your main PC, your mobile phone, to Flickr’s servers, or any other computer on your network. It has several different options for backup, and all of them can be run in batch mode.

Summary Author Rating 5 based on 2 votes Software Name Flickr Mass Uploader Software Category Photography Subcategory User Interface 4.5 Final Say Software’s performance is good. It’s not the best in the category, but it’s certainly not bad either. You’ll definitely enjoy the application while using it, but you might not find it as useful as the rest of the products in its category. You can’t test the software for free so you can’t really compare it to other paid tools. Buy it if the price is right for you.

Install Flickr Mass Uploader on your PC

The Flickr Mass Uploader software can be downloaded for free from its official web site. After downloading and unzipping the file, you can start the application by double clicking the install_flickr_mass_uploader.bat file.

After that, it will be registered in your start menu (under ‘Programs’).

Press the ‘Next’ button to accept the license agreement.

Enter the Flickr API key and shared secret in the fields specified in the following image. If you don’t have them yet, you can generate them by clicking the ‘Generate Keys’ button.

The application will begin the backup process. It may take some time to upload the photos. Once it’s finished, the interface will appear, as depicted in the following figure.

Note that Flickr Mass Uploader is not the only tool available to backup your photos. There are several other tools that can help you out with that. However, we’ve chosen to include it in this list to make the comparison easier.

Photos in the ‘Backup’ section are uploaded to your Flickr account. You can back them up to your computer with a couple of clicks.

Use Flickr Mass Uploader to upload photos to any device with a web connection. You can upload photos to Flickr, upload them to any web server, to your mobile phone or just to any computer that’s on your network.

Image Gallery Flickr Mass Uploader’s interface is simple

What’s New In?

Flickr Mass Uploader enables the user to back up photos to a Flickr account in batch mode.

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The app will let you

System Requirements For Flickr Mass Uploader:

32-bit: AMD CPU: i386, i486
64-bit: AMD CPU: AMD64
32-bit: Intel CPU: Pentium
64-bit: Intel CPU: AMD64
Mac OS X:
32-bit: Intel CPU: Intel i386
64-bit: Intel CPU

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