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EDATA Unerase Personal Edition Crack Free License Key Free Download X64 🕴

People work with virtual files on a daily basis, even if they don’t really realize it. However, when they do, it might just be a bit late, because important files are no longer there. Luckily, there are an abundance of recovery applications like eDATA Unerase Personal Edition over the web to help you out in such sticky situations.
Cool design and quick accommodation
On the visual side of things, the application comes with a custom-built frame, highly-detailed buttons and textures, putting up quite a show for starters. Although rather simplistic, the design is pretty intuitive, with most effort reduced to pressing the Next button a few times.
There aren’t a lot of options to choose from or configure. What’s more, you don’t need to put much thought in the ones at your disposal, making it easy for everyone to accommodate and start looking for deleted files.
On the other hand, functionality is greatly eclipsed by the clean visuals. The first step in the process asks you to select the drive to scan, with a refresh button in case you just decided to connect a removable drive. Corresponding info is shown in a side panel.
Poor options and functionality
After drive selection comes a step with little to no functionality other than to act as a teaser for the Pro version. The Personal Edition is only capable of performing a quick scan, and only on some specific types of files, without any kind of control over them.
Finally getting to the results page might leave you a little surprised, or more likely disappointed. This is mostly because of the scan type, which overlooks many areas and clusters, resulting in a blank list far too often. In case you do happen to find some deleted files, these are well-organized in a table that displays name, location, size, type, date, and condition.
Files can be restored all-together by selecting the whole list at the press of a button. Sadly, if the list is too abundant, you need to carefully analyze it, because of the lack of a search engine for quick identification.
To sum it up
All things considered, eDATA Unerase Personal Edition grabs your attention with shiny visuals right from the start, in an attempt to make you overlook the poor functionality under the hood. However, if you ever tried a similar application you’re sure not to fall for its tricks, which are not intended, and drag functionality all the way to the bottom. Sadly, your files remain lost somewhere in disk clusters after the scan process is complete.







EDATA Unerase Personal Edition Crack+ With Product Key [April-2022]

Price: $39.95
Platform: Windows, Mac OS

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EDATA Unerase Personal Edition Crack + [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

Unerase Private Edition is your replacement to Total Unerase. With Unerase Personal Edition, you can restore lost files and folders in a easy, quick and professional way.
Just Restore option available for all popular file types such as:
.DOC,.XLS,.PPT,.PDF,.HTML, and many others
Macros and VBA macros
Unerase Personal Edition can restore macros and Visual Basic Macro (.vba) files. In other words, it’s capable of running those macros under any.exe/Active X format.
And it is also capable of restoring passwords for forgotten.vb files, which is one of the most popular password type at all. Besides, it also supports password recovery for Office password protected documents
Features include:
Convert : Convert any type of files to a different format such as: RTF, HTML, MP3, MP4, video, gif, image and more
Restore : Restore from different partitions such as, the C: drive, D: drive, E: drive, etc.
If the file cannot be found then it will use the deleted file available on C: to restore
Scan / Select: Scan and/or Select the file(s) you are interested in restoring
Delete : Delete your missing files and folders, easily and quickly
Repair : Repair your lost file(s) with ease and quick
Alert: Alert you by email if any of your files are not recovered
Advanced Edition Features include:

An option to scan files and folders from multiple partitions

Some common data types such as,.doc,.xls,.ppt,.pdf,.html,.rar,.zip,.exe,.dll,.pif,.rif,.gpg,.m4r,.apk,.ipa,.dbf,.db3,.db2 and more

New sorting function

View file contents of any file type with your favorite file viewer

Re-indexing function

Configure for Mobile

Delete files on two clicks

Copy files to two clicks

Scan & Restore image files

Scan files & folders from C:

Scan files & folders from D:

Scan files & folders from E:

Scan files & folders from F:

Unerase Personal Edition requirements

Windows OS

500 MB Free Disk Space

Download links

EDATA Unerase Personal Edition Crack+ (LifeTime) Activation Code Free Download

eDATA Personal Data Recovery is capable of finding and repairing critical Windows errors including: all types of crashes, bad sectors, bad DLLs, and even the dreaded REFS VBL page overflows.

Please take a moment to visit our website at
It will be time well spent to explore our website.

eDATA Personal Data Recovery is capable of finding and repairing critical Windows errors including: all types of crashes, bad sectors, bad DLLs, and even the dreaded REFS VBL page overflows.

Please take a moment to visit our website at
It will be time well spent to explore our website.

eDATA Unerase Personal Edition, a data recovery tool that claims to be capable of finding and repairing all types of Windows errors including bad sectors, bad DLLs, and REFS VBL pages, arrived in the personal data recovery download section of internet.
The download page for the tool is not easy to reach, but it is well constructed with the help of some tested and proven tools and is well designed to help you to grab the E-DATA Unerase Personal Edition file from the internet.

Users are expected to read the E-DATA Unerase Personal Edition review posted below in this article or maybe visit the E-DATA Unerase Personal Edition download page in this article. It is a helpful discussion for any users who have any doubts concerning E-DATA Unerase Personal Edition and more things like this.

Some users may spend much time in order to get hold of the e-DATA Unerase Personal Edition online due to slow internet connection and this may be a possible reason why the download is not easy to reach.

Stability of the software
The software in general is not very stable. When you install it, it ask you to select a disk to scan. If you do not select any drive or if you select a drive that does not have a drive letter then the software will not start.


E-DATA Unerase Personal Edition is only for finding and repairing bad sectors on a disk in the hard disk repair sector of the hard disk. I totally recommend it for this task.

E-DATA Unerase Personal Edition is a data recovery software program that recovers lost data from your memory card or USB stick and can help you restore deleted files,

What’s New In?

eDATA Unerase Personal Edition is an effective tool to quickly search and locate lost or deleted files on your computer. It allows you to recover deleted files or lose data such as your important digital photos, music and videos from your hard drive, USB drives, and even external hard drives. It has built-in file undelete capability, and you can even scan hard drives, floppy disks, and other fixed disks.

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1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor
2GB hard disk space
DirectX 10 or later
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit only)1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor4GB RAM2GB hard disk spaceDirectX 10 or later
STEAM : The Steam overlay (optional

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