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Drink Web Icon Pack is a beautiful collection of icons that depict various types of beverages.
The collection includes a total of 27 high-quality icons that you can use to enhance the appearance of your folders, as well as for application development.







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The icon pack is supplied in a compressed ZIP archive that contains all 27 icons.
In addition, the icons are supplied with a suitable PNG format and transparent PNG formats for preview.
The icon pack is supplied in multiple resolutions to ensure that it will fit the resolution requirements of the target computer.
NOTE: The icons can be used for all purposes.
How to install the Drink Web Icon Pack Serial Key:
You can get the pack in the ZIP archive, for example by right-clicking on the link, and choosing “Save to disk”.
The icons can also be downloaded by going to “Add To My Download List”, which can be done by right-clicking on the link and choosing “Add To My Download List”.
By doing this, you will have the icon pack automatically added to the “My Icons” folder (where your own icon pack resides).
If you don’t want to use the “Add To My Download List” option, you can also download the icons by simply visiting the link.
Please be advised that the icon pack is not officially endorsed by the developers of the images.

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Drink Web Icon Pack Activation Code Download

– Press ALT+SPACE to preview in Macromedia Dreamweaver.
– Press ALT+ENTER to preview in Macromedia Fireworks.
– Press ALT+F8 to preview in Adobe Photoshop.
– Press ALT+F9 to preview in Adobe Illustrator.
– Preview in Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia Fireworks.
– License:
– You can use this pack for personal or commercial use as long as you keep it unaltered.
– You may not sell or redistribute the icon pack, except as a whole.
– You may distribute the product you make with the icon pack for non-commercial use.
– You may not alter the original content in any way, nor may you use this icon pack for a commercial purpose.
– You may not edit the icons in this icon pack.
– You may use the icons from this icon pack in an application or web site.
– You may use the icons for personal use, but you are not allowed to sell or distribute them.
– You may use the icons in other packages with attribution to Drink Web Icon Pack.
– Drink Web Icon Pack Torrent Download © 2014, Gabriel Arteaga, and its licensors.

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