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-Give your photos a soft, romantic feel using the wonders of Photoshop.
-Apply luminosity and contour effects to images.
-Add ghost contrasts and subtle highlights.
-Apply fade effects to images.
-Use the powerful healing tools of Photoshop.
-Tilt your images.
-Rotate images by up to 90°.
-Edit your images in the redesigned Photoshop interface.
-Make color adjustments in the Color Manager.
-Create custom actions.
-Export color palettes.
-Export detailed reports and PDF files.
-Use filters from a gallery of over 100 free presets.
-Use special effects for your images such as background blur and glow effects.
-Embed a Dreamy Photo Free Download image in iPhoto.
-Share the images you like with other Dreamy Photo users.
-Fix photos that you sent to Photoshop.
Dreamy Photo Size:
-Files larger than 10 MB may need longer transfer times.
Please be patient as file size and transfer time to a USB flash drive depends on the computer you are using.
Dreamy Photo License:
-Free trial license.
-Dreamy Photo does not require a registration.
-Dreamy Photo does not need to be updated to the latest version of Photoshop.
-Product support is included in the price.
-Contact Dreamy Photo Support
-Dreamy Photo is not for use by commercial enterprises and is not to be offered as a commercial product.
-Dreamy Photo requires Photoshop CS 3 and higher.
-Dreamy Photo requires a color scanner with a maximum resolution of 5,000 dots per inch.
-Dreamy Photo requires the latest version of Photoshop.
-Note: This Software was released for USB 2.0 and later. Due to the fact that there are a lot of computers now that only have USB 1.1, this product may not work properly on some of them.

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Dreamy Photo Pro


By Maria

Eduardo I am very happy. I would like to recommend Dreamy Photo pro.

Excellent new tool for photographers!


By Clyde Fretwell

Dreamy Photo is a great tool for photographers. I recommend it for it’s usefulness. Thank you to everyone at XnView.



Dreamy Photo Crack

– Powerful Photoshop plugin dedicated to ‘transform’ images in one click.
– Separate control panel for light and dark elements.
– Separate control panel for black/white elements.
– Shadow controls.
– Highlight controls.
– Brighten/Darken controls.
– Ghost contrast controls.
– Correct exposure.
– Background color.
– Directed highlights.
– Separated dark.
– Separated light.
– Separated black.
– Separated white.
– Separated gray.
– Make gradient.
– Separated light and dark.
– Separated black and white.
– Separated gray.
– Separated black and white.
– Separated white and gray.
– Fully configurable.
– Numerous presets.
– Adjustment sliders with minimum and maximum values.
– Adjustment sliders with actual values.
– Gradients.
– Sharpen.
– Blur.
– Watermark.

PhotoStraight is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for Photoshop users to generate horizontal strips using only one layer, easy horizontal strip layout presets, so you can quickly create horizontal strips.

PhotoStraight Description:
– Easy-to-use horizontal strips.
– One layer to create horizontal strip.
– Configurable.
– Quickly generate horizontal strips for poster.
– Layouts presets.
– Adjustment sliders with minimum and maximum values.
– Configurable.
– Fully configurable.
– Adjustment sliders with actual values.
– Gradients.
– Sharpen.
– Blur.
– Templates.
– Smart links.
– Import/export tools.

CC Split Screen is a Photoshop plugin that allows you to layer two photos in a photo editing software. You can adjust layers by many zoom options, including three modes.

CC Split Screen Description:
– You can layer two photos in a single photo editing software.
– Adjust and layer from the default and zoom to get the best image.
– Adjust the size of a layer, change the position, zoom in and out.
– The transparent part can be moved to the bottom or top.
– Resize or restore to the original size.
– Easily remove the background using three modes: “None”, “Default”, “Shadows”.

Dreamy Photo Free Registration Code Download [32|64bit]

> Makes images visually attractive.
> Reduces the contrast of an image.
> Opens shadows
> Creates a smooth transition from shadows to highlights
> Alters the look of a photo with new digital filters
For use with:
> Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS3 and earlier
> Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom
> Adobe Photoshop CS3 with Adobe CS3 Quick Fix, CS3.1 and below
Requires Adobe Creative Suite

Download Dreamy Photo:

* [Windows]
* [Mac OS]

In-app purchases also available.


This app is not affiliated with Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Inc., or any other companies.

Text on screenshots copyright The Koozai Team. Additional text and media on this page copyright Sweetsoft S.L.
The app and its functionality may differ in either name or functionality, depending on the version of the operating system or phone on which it is used.

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Developer Proposal:

On the Android market, we would like to add a fee for each photo processed with this app. This way, we will generate a modest income that will allow us to further improve our app.

We want to continue improving Dreamy Photo, which is why we ask for your help.

If you like Dreamy Photo, please give us a “Star” rating, leave a good review, or take a moment to share it on social networks.

The more people that know about the app, the more we can improve it for you.

Thank you.

The Koozai Team


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What’s New In Dreamy Photo?

– Change the image’s black-white image into several levels.
– Brightness, contrast, and shadows that allow to use your image beyond the original.
– Create a colorful mood
– Add sentimental environments to your photo
Dreamy Photo is free software. All features are fully functional.
Official site:

What’s New in this Version:

Version 2.1 – June 13, 2013

– Fixed the bug that caused an error message during the loading process.

Mac-Download: Dreamy Photo: Deform, Dreamify, and Add Dramatic Atmosphere To any Photo for free

dreamy photo: design your own artworks

Download Mirror:

Dreamy Photo Description

With this application, you can add rainbows and soft, romantic atmosphere to your photographs. Every effect is completely free and can be adjusted to your preference.
With this photo manipulation software, you can create such effects as dreamy, magical, black-and-white, cartoon-like, or pixel-like, and make them more colorful and very expressive.

In addition, you can apply special filters to your photo to make it look dreamy, and apply an enhancing technology to your photographs to let it be more soft and romantic.

With the Dreamy Photo toolset, you can be more attractive and share your photos to your friends.

Dreamy Photo Specifications:

Version 2.1 – June 13, 2013

– Fixed the bug that caused an error message during the loading process.

Dreamy Photo Publisher’s Description

Dreamy Photo is an Adobe Photoshop plugin that allows you to transform images by giving them a more soft, romantic feel. With this easy to use application, you can add clouds, soft glow, rainbow colors to your photos.
Dreamy Photo is the most user-friendly and versatile photo enhancement software. It not only change a photo’s black and white into several levels, but also make a rainbow color, cartoon-like and even pixel-like picture.Washington(CNN) – Republican political consultant and author Karl Rove has attacked President Barack Obama’s statements on race, and said “black America should take it as an invitation to have a lot less to do with Obama, or with the Democratic Party.”

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System Requirements For Dreamy Photo:

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later (32 or 64-bit OS)
1.2 GHz Processor
100 MB available hard disk space
At least 512×384 screen resolution.
Please Note: While the official release is scheduled for late May 2018, the first hour of the official beta is available as of today, April 24, 2018. Just follow the link above to get started.
A big thank you to everyone who signed up for the pre-order beta test. Your feedback is extremely

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