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Category:Computer-aided manufacturing software
Category:Flat pattern formingAN RONNIE WESTWOOD wannabe, notoriously unreliable and a man prone to making hurtful comments about women, sounds like he has finally landed a job.

After a 15-year career in the army, which saw him receive a prestigious commendation for his leadership and skill in disarming a roadside bomb, 39-year-old Reg Hook was sacked by the US military for making sexist remarks about two female colleagues.

The former officer said he was surprised he was being sacked because his disciplinary record was “spotless”.

The US Court of Military Appeals upheld the punishment, writing: “We conclude that, given the findings of guilt and the seriousness of the prohibited conduct, the sanction of discharge is not so plainly unreasonable as to be illegal, and that the sanctions are not so disproportionate to the offences as to be shocking to the moral sense.”

At court, Hook said he had been “mistreated” after starting work as a sergeant at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland in 2005.

After a colleague of his, another sergeant, left the base on a day’s leave without notifying his base, Hook told a colleague he had checked her bag and found that she had brought with her half a bottle of vodka.

Hook said: “I was so shocked because I thought it was a very bad thing.

“I felt it was unprofessional of her to come into the base with that much alcohol. I thought it would compromise her judgment. I would have fired her on the spot if I’d caught her.

“I’d never heard of a sergeant coming to work under the influence before.

“She should have been fired immediately. She was extremely disrespectful.”

After finding out the identity of the base and his colleague, he told her that his wife was aware of the incident.

“I was very disturbed,” he said. “I was very upset. It wasn’t a pleasant situation.”

He said that he was unhappy with his colleague’s behaviour and asked her to leave her bag with him so he could check it was clear of any alcohol.

When she refused, he searched her bag and saw the vodka.

He said that at


Category:Manufacturing companies of SwedenQ:

can’t select values from input field using AJAX and PHP

I have this piece of code and i am getting the following error in my Firebug. I can’t figure it out, it will be great if someone can help me.
this is the HTML:


The ajax:
var value = $(‘#searchForm’).find(‘.SearchTextBox’).val();
type: ‘POST’,
url: ‘ajaxaction.php’,
data:’searchText=’ + value,
success: function(result){
return false;

$searchText = mysqli_real_escape_string($conn, $_POST[‘searchText’]);
if ($searchText!= ”){
$sql = “SELECT * FROM order WHERE product LIKE ‘%$searchText%'”;

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