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I received a new hard drive and am trying to reinstall it.n Since this software is not supported, . b detects the following errors:
Error 3: You are trying to install an incompatible driver.
I needed more information to diagnose the error. Device Manager displays a list of all devices on my computer. Very well, if I could find exactly the device in the list. The possible faults are shown below:
Once I had problems with the USB port of my laptop. The USB port is automatically recognized when a device is connected and disabled when the device is disconnected. But we didn’t have a choice and removed USB charging without regret. Had I known about this, I would have had more incentive to remove the device.
When I connected my laptop to a TV or other built-in device that has a connector for connecting to an HDMI port, in this case, the laptop detects an attempt to install a driver. I usually install the driver from the official site. I assumed that the laptop recognized the standard x86 technology that it comes with by default, and that the problems could be caused by incompatible drivers for devices that I had already installed. Unfortunately, this is not so. You can download the driver from the official websites of the manufacturers of the respective devices, or contact the driver installation service provider if you are located in the United States.I tried various alternative ways to fix the problem until I was successful. First, I manually uninstalled the driver for the analog output of the video input (audio adapter). I then went to the hardware document that came with the DVD for years and uninstalled the program that generated the file. Finally, I tried moving it to safe mode (by running the driver under OS X). As you can see, each of these steps took a little more effort than I expected, but now I have all the necessary tools.
And here’s what I found: to connect a DVD player to a laptop, you need to install a driver, but it does not matter if the Windows system or the drivers from Asus are installed. This means that Asus didn’t fix the bug after we found it again.



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