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AdminUCV NGN is an easy to use program designed for network management written in Java / C++, that supports IPv4 and IPv6. It brings in one application an SNMP based manager (SNMP v1 and v2c), a graphical tool to monitor the network, a traps receiver, a MIBs compiler and a set of administrative tools such as ping, tracert, TCP ports scanner and sniffer.


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AdminUCV NGN Cracked Version has a rich set of features and a friendly user interface.

Administrative tools are gathered in one menu that allows you to identify the port scanned, get the list of computers (or the whole network) running on which IPs and what are the versions of the OS, enumerate the network (as for ping and tracert), find out what is the running processes and the system information including OS, network card driver, etc.
A full screen is provided for the user to visualize the whole network at a glance and adjust the network settings. It is possible to create rules, manage IP subnets, create and delete networks and manage IP addresses. The console allows one to use the tools of the native Java/C++ utility, or go into details with the debug tools.
The tool is fully integrated with PING, TRACERT, SNIFF (and other packet sniffing utilities)
The tool has a built-in command line interface and two programming interfaces:

a C/C++ interface (that allows you to make changes and add new functions)
an AdminUCV MIB interface (that allows you to compile MIBs written in Java)

AdminUCV NGN Productivity

AdminUCV NGN comes with a set of tools that allow a network administrator to monitor and monitor the network, get the needed information in a few mouse clicks, generate and manipulate MIBs, etc.

The MIB compiler generates MIBs in java. It supports most of the most used MIBs, and allows one to create new MIBs.
The web based administration tool allows one to easily manage and deploy most of the application settings.

AdminUCV NGN Features:

View / monitor the network and get the needed information in a few mouse clicks, generate and manipulate MIBs, etc.
View the status of the host computer, create and manipulate the network settings, manage the network and the host.
View the list of IPs allocated to the network and IP address ranges.
Display a network map
Identify all the computers or the whole network by their IP address.

AdminUCV NGN Integrate into:

o pinger
o traceroute
o ports scanner (this is a Java program)

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This description tells what is AdminUCV NGN and what it is used for. It consists of main steps that are performed by this software.
AdminUCV NGN is the core system for managing network environments and has capabilities that include, monitoring of the Internet and intranet, monitoring of the entire LAN/WAN, network management of the LAN/WAN, configuration of TCP/IP, SNMP, routing and troubleshooting, configuring different network services such as, virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls, etc. AdminUCV NGN is built using the technologies such as C++ and Java for developing applications that can run on different operating systems such as, Linux, Windows, UNIX, Solaris, VxWorks, etc.
Features of AdminUCV NGN:
This section contains the list of features of AdminUCV NGN and how it works.
AdminUCV NGN has great features that are;
– AdminUCV NGN supports IPv6 as well as IPv4;
– AdminUCV NGN supports both operating systems such as, UNIX, Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.;
– AdminUCV NGN has great features to monitor networks and all the hardware and software used for it;
– AdminUCV NGN is an easy to use system;
– AdminUCV NGN has a small size and easy to use;
– AdminUCV NGN has plugins for adding more features to it;
– AdminUCV NGN is freeware

AdminUCV NGN Download:
This section contains link to the downloads of AdminUCV NGN. Click on the link to download the AdminUCV NGN.
AdminUCV NGN (or AdminUCVNGN)


What’s New in the?

The AdminUCV NGN software consists of three parts:

– network management part (Administration, monitoring, Configuration and Management)
– tools part (Ping, Traceroute, TCP Ports Scanner, Network Diagrams, Scanner, Arp, SNMP, MIBs Compiler)
– configuration file (with domain name, client ip addresses, etc)

In the first part, the user is prompted to specify a domain name, the client IP addresses, the hostname, and login parameters.
The SNMP part can be used to get the information (snmpget, snmpwalk, snmpgetnext) and monitor the connection (snmpget and snmpwalk).
If the connection fails (no IP address), the user can check the configuration file or use the tools part to open the connection.
The tools part displays the network devices that are in the same subnet or network.

The AdminUCV NGN software is based on a Java engine and J2SE application framework.
The interface is based on Swing, with a lot of widgets.
This software can be deployed on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Below you can find a screen shot of the management interface.

The network management part consists of the following functional blocks:

Administration: Display list of hosts/interfaces on the network, including configuration files and SNMP parameters;
Monitoring: Display the network devices of the network and the connection status with the management server.
Configuration: The configuration parameter allows you to specify the SNMP server, the management server, the MIBs compiler, the domain name of the network, and the login parameters;
Management: The management server is a standard SNMP server that provides two management functions: it can create, delete and edit OIDs and MIBs; it can monitor the network and, when necessary, you can change the IP address or MAC address of the network devices.

The tools part consists of the following functional blocks:

Ping: The Ping utility allows you to verify the connectivity between the client and the management server. It can also be used to verify the IP addresses that are allocated to the server. The user can choose between ping (Unicast) or broadcast ping (Multicast).
Traceroute: The Traceroute utility allows you to determine the path that a message follows when it is sent from the client to the server. This message can be sent using unicast or multicast.
TCP ports scanner: The TCP ports scanner is a program that can be used to discover the TCP ports that are open in the network. The network devices (hosts or routers) are specified by the IP address and port. By default, this program

System Requirements For AdminUCV NGN:

Support for DirectX 11:
Minimum Recommended
OS: Windows XP
Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video: DirectX 11-compatible video card
Hard Drive: 250 MB free space
DirectX 11:
Supported Interface Standards:
Game types:
Story mode
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