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2APL Platform is designed to support the development of multi-agent programs. It provides a GUI that you can use to open, manage, run and debug 2APL multi-agent programs.
The application can be accessed in stand-alone mode or in distributed mode via the Jade platform. The latter option will enable you to run multi-agent programs on multiple workstations in a network.


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2APL Platform is an integrated set of tools and services that enable you to design, develop, debug, and deploy multi-agent software systems as a distributed computing platform. It includes:
The 2APL Mapping Designer
2APL Editor
2APL Mapping Designer:
The 2APL Mapping Designer is a tool to generate sets of commands that map a given behavior model to the Jade language.
2APL Editor:
The 2APL Editor is an interactive user interface allowing you to write Jade language statements that define and describe multi-agent behavior.
2APL Mapping Designer:
2APL Platform has been developed as a set of tools and services. Its Architecture:
• An agent is a program or piece of code executing on a workstation that belongs to an agent group.
• An agent group is a collection of agents sharing some parameters, located in the same workstation.
• A multi-agent program is a collection of agent groups. Agents belonging to the same agent group will collaborate on a task or a problem.
• A multi-agent program will be executed on a Jade platform that is constituted of different workstations.
2APL Platform Architecture:
2APL Platform includes a GUI that you can use to open, manage, run and debug multi-agent programs. This GUI is called the 2APL Platform. This section provides information about the 2APL Platform architecture. Figure 5 shows the 2APL Platform architecture.
Figure 5: 2APL Platform Architecture
2APL Platform Architecture:
• 2APL Platform is a Java based application that is distributed as a plugin to the Jade Platform.
• The 2APL Platform application is accessed through a web browser.
• 2APL Platform consists of a core framework and a framework for agents and agents groups.
• The 2APL Platform core framework offers clients and agents the following main services:
– Access to the 2APL Platform API
– Configuration management for clients, agents and agents groups.
– Access to the 2APL Platform services.
– Web Access to the 2APL Platform.
2APL Platform Core Framework:
2APL Platform includes a core framework, the core API and a configuration framework. It is divided into the following components:
2APL Platform Core Framework:
• The core API:
This component provides the main features of the 2APL Platform. It includes a set of packages and classes

2APL Platform [32|64bit]

Allows you to run multi-agent programs on multiple workstations of a network
Files included in the package:
2APL Platform Crack For Windows – Standalone
BANNER (0.4.0)
BANNER’s purpose is to split the huge lines of codes generated by Prolog by using a simple and robust control flow mechanism. It can be used as an alternative to Prolog’s?- construct for goto.
Using BANNER, you can write large programs with even the most complicated uses of logical constructs by creating much simpler programs using simple and familiar instruction constructs.
Prolog Code Splitting:
Transforms Prolog code into several BANNER files
– Write the meta-logical forward chaining logic in a file
– Predicate forward chaining in another
– Define agent forward chaining in a third file
– Split the corresponding files and make copies of them for each agent
– Save the generated files in the temporary directory
Source Code in the package:
To accompany this package is the original code used to create the examples.
For all platforms, there is a “functors” library containing a set of metainformation about the Prolog system.
For the Jade platform, there is also a BANNER library containing the BANNER directives and predicates.
Other information:
There are no external dependencies. However, we do require that you have a Prolog System installed.
It is not advisable to install the platform on a server due to the nature of the platform.
Please contact the DragonFly Software Development Lab if you need support.
Using the Platform:
You can run a program without any problems using the following procedure.
1. Create a “&” symbol (directory separator) to represent the temporary directory of your operating system.
2. For the Jade platform, you must create a new directory on the desktop. Make sure that the directory created does not have a name with a semicolon in it as the platform has a preference for the characters “:” and “;”. It does not matter if the directory already exists.
3. In the temporary directory you created, execute the “DragonFly” platform (distributed)
4. The platform starts to load your program and generate BANNER files. The BANNER file with the program name of your program is ready after 2 minutes.
5. You can now start your program using the “.banner_run

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What’s New In 2APL Platform?

-Manage agents and environments
-Open the Agent Development Interface (ADI)
-Create and run applications
-Deploy application on any platform for remote distributed run

Master Console features a GUI for creating, implementing and running multi-agent programs in distributed mode. It provides a set of interfaces to connect to the multi-agent program, its environment and to the Jade program controlling the JADE platforms on which it is running. The Jade program provides interfaces for interfacing with all Jade platforms in a distributed mode network.
Master Console Description:
-Create and run multi-agent programs in distributed mode
-Implement agents with the Agent Development Interface (ADI)
-Connect to Jade programs in a distributed network to access the Jade platforms2017–18 Egyptian Second Division

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